Floral Fun

Hello Lovelies! This is my first tutorial, and I am VERY excited! I hope you guys enjoy it, and comment what you think! Let’s get started.

The colours I used are:


  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Base Coat
  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in the colour White On (139)
  • OPI in the colour No Spain No Gain (NL E45)
  • Zoya in the colour Mickey (ZP665)
  • Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in the colour Going Green (430)
  • OPI Top Coat Top Coat (NT T30)

I also used three dotting tools and one thin brush, which were purchased on Amazon, and they are super cheap and get the job done. I highly recommend them.


Alrighty, so first off, I applied a base coat for protection. Pretty simple, right?


Next step, I applied two coats of white on my pinky, middle finger, pointer finger, and thumb, and applied two coats of pink on my ring finger.


Next I used the green dotting tool to make polka dots on the pink finger. I applied different amounts of pressure to vary the sizes of the dots and alternated the sizes.


For the other fingers, I also used the green dotting tool to create pink blobs along the side of my nails, creating them on the tip for my pinky, on the right edge of my nail for the middle finger, on the left edge for the pointer, and finally on the base of my thumb. They don’t have to be perfect because you will be partially covering them with the darker colour to create a floral effect.


When applying the darker colour on the pink, try to create a dot in the middle and start going around it randomly. Do not create rings around the dot because that will lessen the floral effect. I used the all the dotting tools to make different sized lines.


Once you are satisfied with the flower, you are going to add little leaves to the flowers. I added at least one per flower and used a small brush to create the triangle shaped leaves.

Finally, I added a top coat to seal the design, and there you have your floral design. I hope you guys liked this design. Comment what other types of designs you would like to see!



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